5 Days to Financial Certainty Challenge (JUL 6-10, 2020)! 
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Get Exclusive Access To 5 Days of Live Training From KEN GREEN, Creator of PLANTORETIREWELL.CA
The uncertainties of the times we currently live in has exposed the broken relationships we all have with money...

-> Do you have anxieties about money?
-> Do you feel ashamed and uncomfortable discussing your money issues with your spouse, family members, friends and others?
-> Do you worry that you may never have enough money to retire when you want to retire?
-> Do you dread the thoughts that you may have to work forever?
-> Do you pay too much in taxes and wonder if you can ever lower your tax burden?
-> Do you hate going to work each day, feeling underpaid and undervalued?
-> Do you wonder why you can't save enough?
-> Do you know how much your life costs and what it will take to achieve financial freedom? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then this Challenge will help provide answers.

If you join our LIVE 5 Day challenge starting MONDAY, JULY 6, you can DISCOVER what it takes to set yourself up for a life on purpose, designed by you and uniquely for you. 

PLUS, you get the eBook version of my new book, TAX-EFFICIENT WEALTH, The Blueprint to Quickly Build Tax-Efficient Wealth to Achieve Financial Freedom in Four Actionable Steps.

Each day, we will spend 1 hour together digging deep into some of the MAJOR OBSTACLES keeping you stuck and preventing you from living a fulfilling life free of the damaging money worries that plague the majority of working class professionals. At the end of the 5 days, you will LEARN and WALK AWAY with...

-> A complete understanding of the basics of money and the money mindset that will set you up for success (many people underestimate this, DON'T! This alone can change your life!!)
-> A crystal clear understanding and appreciation of the OBSTACLES holding you back and how you can navigate these to stand out from the pack of struggling professionals
-> Clear action steps on how you can pay off debt (particularly non-deductible interest debt), increase your savings, and invest in a tax-efficient manner
-> The tools you require to know exactly how much your life costs, how much you need to achieve financial freedom
-> Knowledge and Freedom to live in peace with your money. You will regain control as money will cease to be an issue in your life now and forever.
When you sign up below today, you will immediately get my brand new book (the eBook version), Tax-Efficient Wealth.
After reading this book:

• You will have a solid knowledge of the key wealth drivers to build wealth, and uncover the money mindset required to win the money game.
• You will have a blueprint and a step-by-step plan to start your journey on building and growing your wealth tax-efficiently.
• You will save taxes, have more money and have the confidence to shatter all your money worries for life.

Start your journey to Tax-Efficient Wealth and quickly build financial independence. Move from uncertainty to a confident and certain financial future. Move from anxiety and worry over money to a state of peace and joy with your money! This is the PROMISE of this book.

Get all this and more for FREE!
Time Sensitive: Must Sign Up On Or Before Sunday, July 5th To Receive 3 Special Bonuses:

Bonus #1: My brand new Book (eBook version) TAX-EFFICIENT WEALTH
I believe you have what it takes to build and grow your wealth in a tax-efficient manner. What you’re lacking is the knowledge and a simple plan to help you build wealth. Most people struggle financially because they lack this fundamental knowledge and a proven path to follow. This book provides you with an easy-to-implement blueprint that will enable you build and grow your wealth in a tax-efficient manner. 

Bonus #2: My Top 5 Podcast episodes I've put together for you to listen to as you prepare for this journey. They will provide additional insights on money mindset and action steps you can start taking today to achieve  FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

Bonus #3: List of My Top 5 Books you should get and read right away (after reading my book of course :). These books played a fundamental role in shifting my MONEY MINDSET. I'm confident they will do the same for you. In addition, you will learn a lot from these books on what it takes to WIN in Life and in Business.

Bonus #4: INCENTIVE When You Tune In LIVE.
During the 5-Day LIVE training we want you to show up LIVE so we can answer any and all of your questions LIVE. If you show up live, you'll have a chance to win amazing prizes ranging from Tim Horton's gift cards, books, FREE coaching sessions with me, FREE enrollment in our courses and programs and many more! We'll choose a random winner at the end of each day to take home the "prize of the day"! This is just our fun way of saying THANKS for tuning in LIVE and reward you for being serious about your journey to Financial Freedom!

Meet Ken Green, CPA CA, MBA
Ken Green is the creator of PlanToRetireWell.ca, a platform designed to educate and coach individuals on how to achieve breakthrough in their personal and business finance. Ken is on a mission to get every Canadian to take meaningful action to achieve financial freedom. He is a leading authority on taxes and personal finance. He is an author and a regular contributor on Medium, where he shares his knowledge through his published articles. Ken works with professionals and businesses to manage their taxes. He has helped hundreds of clients through his tax and business advisory services. Ken lives in Oakville, Ontario with his family, and you can visit him online at kengreen.ca.
  •  Helped hundreds of clients plan and manage their taxes and build strong financial fortress in their personal and business finance.
  •  Featured in various publications read by 100,000's of followers. 
  •  Speaks at various events on the topic of taxes, personal and business finance. 

Discover What Has People 
Raving About Working With KEN And Reading His Book

“I’m completely sold on this book (Tax-Efficient Wealth) and the incredible value it brings to readers! I’ve known Ken for many years and have benefited from his wealth of business insights and tax advice for several years, which have saved me thousands of dollars. As a CPA myself, I have had the opportunity to read a lot of books on finance and taxes; most of them spend pages to get to one worthwhile idea. This book is insightful, practical, and provides a comprehensive blueprint to save on taxes and build wealth. This book delivers value to its readers instantly!”
Wesley Ogude (MBA Queen’s, CPA), CEO, Springwells Group of Companies

“Whether you’re a salaried employee, self-employed, or a business owner, this book will provide you with tremendous insight on how you can build and accelerate your wealth over the long term. Ken brings a unique perspective as a professional Tax Advisor, Real Estate Investor, and Business Owner and lays out a road map on how you can plan your affairs to build tax-efficient wealth.”
Tom Karadza, Rock Star Real Estate Brokerage

TAX-EFFICIENT WEALTH is an invaluable read for those looking to build wealth. It helps lay the foundation, so that you have the tools and knowledge you need to follow in the footsteps of the rich and successful on your way to financial freedom.”
Sean Cooper, Bestselling Author of Burn
Your Mortgage and Mortgage Broker

In Each Day of This 5-Day Live and Highly Interactive Learning Experience You're Going To Get Answers To Your Biggest and Most Important Questions and Concerns When It Comes To Your Personal Finance and Money in general
What is Money Mindset? Why is it important? During this day we'll share the #1 REASON why having the right money mindset is critical for a successful journey to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I'll reveal exactly how you can plan your life based on the vision you've created for yourself. You will know exactly what to do each day, each week and each month as you move from uncertainty in your finances to the exact amount you need to break free from working for someone else (you'll be surprised how this knowledge will eliminate 90 to 100% of the anxiety and worry you experience with money)

I'll go over the MAJOR obstacles that hold most people back from ever achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM. It is critical that you understand them and appreciate them so that you can prepare yourself to OVERCOME them in order to live a life of FINANCIAL FULFILLMENT!

I'll show you the blueprint that will take you from where you are today to your dream life that is FREE of money of worries. Together, we will review strategies, tactics and resources that'll show you how simple it is to discover [hidden things] you would never think about.

I'll discuss what it takes to make this a REALITY in your life. How do you move from head knowledge to taking meaningful action? I'll answer all your questions and discuss simple steps you can start taking immediately to achieve your financial dreams.


Disclaimer: The sales figures or claims stated above are mine or clients I've worked with. Please understand our results and those of our clients are not guaranteed. We are not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of practicing  in the financial services space for 15+ years, and have an established skill set as a result. Information without action is worthless. If you buy BUSINESS information and do not take action you will get little to no results. We use these real references for inspirational purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors … including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not join the challenge or apply to work with Ken Green or PlanToRetirewell.ca

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